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Spinning Up the Fabscape Platform and Visualizer

The process of spinning up your development envronment consisting of a local instance of the Fabscape Platform as well as the default Visualizer, Fabscape Dashboard, has been greatly simplified.

Installing from a File Package

  1. Download the Fabscape Platform for Developers here
  2. Unpack the package and it will create a folder named fabscape-platform-dev
    $ tar xvfz fabscape-platform-dev.tgz
  3. Go into the unpacked folder and all you need to do is run the following. Note that how you spin up the docker compose will vary slightly depending on your installed Docker Compose environment. See here for details on different Compose versions.

    If your environment uses Compose v1
    $ docker-compose up -d

    if your environment uses Compose v2 or higher
    $ docker compose up -d
  4. Give the sytem a few minutes to download the install container images from the docker registry and spin up
  5. Once it is up open your browser (preferably Chrome) and open the following URL
    http://<server address or host>:8080
  6. For first time installations you will see a registration screen for the administrator user. Fill in the information and you are ready to start developing on Fabscape.