The Next Phase of Fab Optimization Begins Now: Our Developer Trial Program is Live

Software engineers in the semiconductor space face a unique set of challenges when it comes to building data monitoring, management, and analytics solutions:  

  • Proprietary platforms have strict development requirements that limit capabilities
  • Future versions of proprietary platforms can change dramatically, forcing the re-development of entire products or locking developers into a specific version
  • Platforms provided by equipment vendors typically apply only to that vendor’s equipment, requiring developers to recreate the same solutions on different platforms to support multiple equipment vendors or models
  • Complex platform development environments often require significant time and effort to develop custom features
  • Many platforms restrict developers to a specific coding language

The result? Developers are not in the driver’s seat and cannot iterate quickly and efficiently within a system of silos. 


A Solution Built by a Trusted Industry Leader

While working with global semiconductor manufacturers, Gigaphoton noticed the exact pattern described above: each manufacturer struggles with unique challenges that become increasingly complex as chip technology advances. Juggling multiple single-vendor closed solutions and working with traditional software is no longer adequate to tackle these challenges.

The desire to break down software silos and introduce a more collaborative development environment for both chip manufacturers and equipment vendors inspired Fabscape—an open, vendor-independent data and application platform built to address unique challenges and unlock new solutions.

Newly released to the public—but already proven over 5 years—global chip manufacturers have used and lauded the Fabscape platform for the customized intelligence solutions Gigaphoton has built to address their challenges.


From Gigaphoton to Fabscape

Fabscape is the premier open platform for vendor-independent data monitoring, management, and analytics across the entire production line, and it’s available to the developer community right now.

Built on a microservices architecture and connected through gRPC protocols, Fabscape empowers developers to build secure custom features for themselves or their customers in a matter of days, using virtually any programming language and with virtually no limitations in capabilities. A single, vendor-independent solution can be built and applied to every tool in the production line, and all existing resources can be ported into the platform and connected together, so developers can focus on building and deploying only the features they need.

Fabscape’s mission is to become a secure, collaborative intelligence platform that will solve problems for the entire industry.


Explore the Trial Program

The Fabscape trial provides access to our secure open platform, including the ability to:  

  • Create customizable visualizations of data
  • Leverage existing code to maximize speed and ease of development
  • Build custom features based on a broad selection of programming languages
  • Access libraries, tutorials, and sample code to quickly develop solutions for virtually any equipment


Our Vision

The goal in founding Fabscape was not to launch yet another piece of siloed proprietary software. Instead, Fabscape was designed to be a unique vendor-agnostic open platform that can greatly enhance productivity and transform the industry’s approach to software.

Developers who take part in our trial will get the tools to gain efficiency, simplify custom solutions, and expand capabilities—along with the opportunity to provide valuable feedback that will drive the industry forward.

The Fabscape open platform capabilities are limited only by developer imagination. Now only one question remains—what problems will YOU solve with Fabscape?