Post-Pandemic Semiconductor Supply Chain: Are the Challenges Over?


The world is cautiously emerging from the pandemic, and global supply chain issues are beginning to resolve. But one thing is clear: the semiconductor industry cannot return to the status quo. The pandemic introduced new demands and new challenges, to be sure. But it also magnified needs that have been developing for some time and that persist as the industry searches for ways to become more resilient for the future.  

Even prior to the chip shortage, the semiconductor industry showed growing interest in discovering new ways to increase efficiency, precision, and output. There was already increased investment in R&D to focus on bottom-line margin, including a significant increase in investment and interest in Industry 4.0 solutionsacross manufacturing. 

Now, the need for this investment is clearer than ever. As we ease out of the pandemic, worldwide demand continues to increase, and manufacturing processes continue to become more complex. Countries are increasing investment in semiconductor manufacturing, and the industry continues to look for innovative ways to maximize yield even in the face of ever more challenging processes required to produce the next node size. 

The amount and depth of data intelligence necessary to improve or even sustain yield will continue to increase as node sizes decrease. But is the semiconductor industry prepared?  

Gigaphoton, Inc. conducted a survey in the last quarter of 2020 to learn more about the state of semiconductor manufacturing analytics capabilities, including what new capabilities are needed to better prepare chip manufacturers to meet increasing worldwide demand. Now, as we move out of the global pandemic and the associated chip shortages, the semiconductor industry continues to contend with the challenges of increasing demand and advancing technology.  

In 2020, our survey results highlighted problems that were intensified by the pandemic. However, the same challenges persist today, and the insights the survey respondents offered reveal a roadmap to a more resilient future for semiconductor manufacturing.  

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