Gigaphoton Launches FABSCAPE, its Next-Generation, Open Platform for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Analysis

Integrating data from all types of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and enabling a wide range of analysis and evaluation, it promises to make new contributions to the field


Gigaphoton Inc. (Head office: Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture. President & CEO: Katsumi Urakanaka), a leading manufacturer of lithography light sources has announced the launch of FABSCAPE, the next generation monitoring solution for semiconductor manufacturing.  At the heart of FABSCAPE is a truly open platform that is designed to resolve the problem of data ambiguity between multiple vendors. It enables users to manage key performance data from virtually any lithography equipment in a unified manner – facilitating the ability to experience true apples-to-apples comparisons and cover a broader range of analysis.


Its flexible modular architecture also allows users to tailor the feature sets to fit their specific needs by mixing and matching only features that are meaningful to them. User and third parties will also be able to easily create their own plugins and drivers to service their specific needs. Going forward, Gigaphoton will be launching its own visualizer tool and plugins such as a solution for automatically optimizing maintenance schedules across the Lithocell and a series of automated features build on top of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine.


In addition to offering its own set of plugins and drivers, Gigaphoton will promote FABSCAPE and its revolutionary open platform by offering a rich set of Developer Tools, including a robust Application Programming Interfaces (API), sample code, tutorials, and workshops. Furthermore, Gigaphoton plans to make the FABSCAPE platform available online to device manufacturers as well as other equipment manufacturers and third parties interested in participating in a community to build and distribute solutions based on a common, open platform.


“I am extremely pleased to be able to enter the next phase of our software strategy through the release FABSCAPE,” said Katsumi Uranaka, president and CEO of Gigaphoton. “Making sense of the enormous volumes of data generated by varying semiconductor manufacturing tools continues to be a challenge for our customers. I strongly feel that while it is our mission to continue offering new and innovative software solutions, it is equally important to adequately empower users to quickly and easily develop their own custom solutions for the unique problems they face. I am confident that FABSCAPE’s bold new open software approach can allow device manufacturers to gain a deeper and more uniform understanding of equipment data and help spark new innovations through collaboration, and partnerships both inside and outside of our traditional industry players, contributing to the further growth of our industry.”


FABSCAPE will be available in March 2018.


* “FABSCAPE” will be introduced at “SPIE Advanced Lithography”, Session 10 (1st March), which will be held in San Jose, California from 25th February to 1st March, 2018.


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